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Himalaya nutrition The story behind the foundation of the Himalaya drug company is unique. A stressed-out elephant in the Himalayas is what started the whole endeavour. Mr. M. Manal saw a native Burmese feed the plant Rauwolfia serpentina to the elephant to calm it down.

Overwhelmed with the effect it had on the huge animal, Mr. Manal came back to his homeland - India and asked his family for help since he wanted to spread the news about the benefits of the wonderful plant. And help he got. His mother gave him her bangles to sell and with these few rupees he started a new enterprise. Himalaya nutrition. He started small, producing tablets with a hand operated tablet compressing machine. And he did not have to wait long for the effect. The company sprouted like a daffodil and the plant used became known as Serpina in 1934.

Its anti-hypertensive effect baffled the world and this is when Himalaya nutrition became recognizable. The family-owned company soon grew into a renowned supplier of pharmaceutical-grade medicine products which are based on the millennia-old Ayurveda principles. Today the grandson of Mr. Manal - Nabeel Manal is the CEO of Himalaya nutrition and he makes sure that Himalaya Herbal Healthcare produces only the best herbal healthcare on the market. When contemporary science is combined with thousands of years of experience of the Indian people you get the best of the best - herbal medicine in its purest form which can be bought in over a hundred countries around the world. The herbal medicine offered by Himalaya nutrition is certified by the USDA and it does not stop there.

Not only medicine is what Himalaya nutrition provides its customers with. It offers a wide range of body care products which will help to revitalise your body and soul. Remember, it does not have to have a "drug" label on it to be effective. It simply needs to work and the Himalaya nutrition products do just that.

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