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Water is absolutely crucial for the proper functioning of the human body and all of its cells. In its purest, laboratory grade quality, it comes in the form of single particles. Nevertheless, the very moment it comes in contact with other substances, it reacts with them forming clusters of particles. And that is exactly how water works in nature, being the best solvent out there. Everything is fine when it dissolves vitamin C for example or any micro-elements which the body needs and keeps your health at the optimal level. Nevertheless, when the industry revolution began humans started polluting the pristine environment with a vast variety of substances, many of which are harmful or toxic for the body. Heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, free radicals or even radioactive substances came in contact with water and created clusters. And these clusters can either become too large to penetrate the cells or contain the aforementioned substances, penetrate the cells and damage or even kill them.

The scientists at Lab One knew about this process and put countless hours of work to prevent the water which creates 70% of the human body from creating harmful clusters and damaging the customer's health. Their success was tremendous. The Lab One staff used a technology where water is subjected to low-temperature plasma resonance. This managed to return water to its original form of single particles which not only hydrate the cells perfectly but also form small clusters with harmful substances inside the cell, remove them and detoxicate the organism as a whole. Furthermore, this kind of water dissolves up to 40% more substances like lipids and allow you to consciously supply your body with the desired nutrients and keep your weight as well as strength and stamina at the optimum level.

The list of benefits from this process is vast and only scratching the surface is possible since new benefits are being still being discovered. Being single particles, they penetrate a lot deeper than clusters of particles thus hydrating the human body in a very effective and natural way. An example of the properties of the declustered water particles is the skin which is hydrated a lot deeper thanks to this process. Another advantage would be the strengthening of the immune system which keeps all of the harmful microorganisms at bay.

Regardless if you choose probiotics, enzymes or any other nutrient, with Lab One's declustered form of water particles you can do it much more efficiently. And you can shop for all of this at an always reasonable price. Shopping for the best nutrients has never been so easy.

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